UI/UX Design
Transforming your concepts into
design by maximizing usability
and user experience.

You are at risk to lose users if they don’t like the user interface at first glance. It’s literally the first thing user sees even before interacting with your application. A cluttered design forces users to search around the screen while trying to find the content that is relevant to them whereas a good design is the one that allows end users to intuitively understand how to use the website or app without too much help. Our designers work closely with our clients to deliver high quality designs that focuses on seamless interface, readable typography, well placed content, smooth color combinations and rich user experience. Count on our expert design team to help you meet you design needs.

Importance of UI/UX Design

User Experience (UX) development deals with improving the overall application interaction experience of the users & User Interface (UI) on the other hand is about improving the presentation of the application. UX/UI design plays an essential role to achieve the goals of any business. This helps to win the consumer’s confidence and make them use your application providing them what they are looking for. For a start-up or a small venture, the importance of UI/UX design becomes even more crucial because first impression lasts long and can make or break the brand recognition.

With our vast UI/UX design portfolio, we take pride in delivering optimum quality designs
focused on the user satisfaction & pleasure.

  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Improved Brand Value
  • Faster Sales Conversion
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Business Growth


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Yofit lets you book from a massive list of gyms and fitness studios, all while sitting at home. Gone are the days when you had to go and find gyms and fitness studios around you, Yofits map location services allow you to easily locate gyms and book with a tap of the button. Yofit members can use any gym and fitness studio on our platform and pay on an hourly basis and get 2 hours to workout wherever, whenever they want. This will help you save money and not put a dent in your wallet.

Who I Follow
Who I Follow

Who I Follow is social platform targeted to sports teams and individual players. Every team you are a part of, sports team, work team, family team can be organized in one place to communicate. Message as a team or individually message. Keep track of events, view scoring updates. Plan your schedule by knowing who will be attending. Easily organize travel needs by listing hotel rooms needed then booking. Book your hotel rooms in advance. Score games and view scores in real time as they are updated at live events. Build your uniforms and put bids out for the best price, order equipment, and shop with shipping discounts. Fundraise for your team while tracking teammate participation. Utilize WIF fundraising programs. Save your important team moments and build your MyLife team books to share with teammates, family, and friends. Communicate with team or individual chats, organize and manage events, get system notifications, follow events and games and much more.

Alliance Driveaway
Alliance Driveaway

Serves a logistic service between our talent pool, clients and operation itself.


Alpha Squared took on the entire technology platform for one of the women lead premier startups of Pakistan, Beauty Hooked, to create an online booking and ecommerce platform for Salons and Beauty products. With our help the company recently received sizeable funding and is now approaching multi million dollar valuation and expanding to Qatar and beyond. Beauty Hooked acquires $280,000 in seed funding.


Chat and meet new people in your city to lend and borrow products, and pay with your credit card. With paladin you can lend all the products that you own, you just have to decide the price per day and the deposit, meet the person that need that product and you will make money and repay your own product. You don’t have to be scared about a damage or loss of the product, with the virtual deposit if the product is damage or loss, you will have the amount of the deposit + the price per day of your product.

Coca Cola International
Coca Cola International
Hail Chasers
Hail Chasers
Dhaify (User App)
Dhaify (User App)
Post Portal / APP
Post Portal / APP


User Testing
Finally, usability testing is conducted to make sure that the design contains rich user experiences and if we need to change something we go back to previous stages.
After completing the analysis process, we then translate our findings into sitemaps which then leads to designing the wireframes & prototypes to make a visually appealing design.
Once the research process is completed, we develop personas, user journeys through the application, translate goals to tasks and finally tasks to functions.
At this stage, our team conduct interviews with the users & stakeholders to identify the competitive advantage, business goals, marketing and brand needs.
Ready to take it a step further? Let’s start talking about
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