Creating intuitive, user-centric and high performance applications that translates into the success of your business.

It’s no surprise, but apps have revolutionized the way consumer interact and connect with society and almost everything within it. Our agile mobile development methodologies focuses on building intuitive, user-centric, high performance, secure, scalable and engaging mobile applications for both Native (iOS, android) and Cross-Platform application platforms. Our passionate and dedicated mobile developers love creating rich user experiences on small screens that translates into the success of your business. We can help you build apps at fixed price or you can hire experienced dedicated programmers to obtain the exceptional results. So far, we’ve successfully developed and launched 100s of mobile applications for companies and startups with offshore dedicated programmers as well as for agencies who outsource their work to us.


Around 75% of the smart-phones around the globe is powered by Android OS. With such a huge user base, it’s evident to have Android application as part of core strategy for top enterprise businesses and startups. Covering the entire android platform, we can help you build Android apps for smartphones, tablets, android wears and android TV. Our Android developers are highly experienced in Java, Kotlin, Android Studio and XML technologies.


We have distinct experience for the entire iOS platform including iPhone, iPad and iWatch. Our developers keep up with the latest requirements and guidelines essential for professional iOS application development which includes cross-device compatibility, performance, battery consumption, data usage, memory etc. Our iOS developers are highly experienced in Swift, Objective-C, Xcode, iOS SDK and other technologies that facilitates the iOS development.


Mobile application development has become a part of strategy for branding and marketing. We develop high quality cross-platform applications that enables you to reach wider audience with different operating systems and devices such as iPhone, Android, Windows and others. Cross-platform app development provide great cost saving advantage and decrease the time to market. Our team has proven experience of creating cross-platform apps using Xamarin, React Native, PhoneGap and Ionic.















Drive thru
Drive thru

Drive-Thru App makes your favourite restaurant a drive thru. Order & pay online and pick up curbside with a few clicks. No need to search for paper/online menus or make telephone calls. Drive-Thru App also eliminates the need to stand in line at busy hours to just pay and pick up food.

Al Quran
Al Quran

Al Quran Mushaf Alameer Mansoor Bin Maqrun offers a complete Quran in the elegant Mushaf font, with multiple audio recitations and translations. Enhance your recitation and spiritual experience with the real feel of actual printed Quran anytime.

Magal Talal
Magal Talal

MagalTalal application contains all articles of the writer, Talal Qashqari, which are classified in different categories, reader can browse, read and listen to all articles , application provides newly published articles with notification , and also allows communication with the author through the App.


MenDoPick is the latest delivery app that uses your mobile phone as your address. This means no more annoying phone calls asking for directions. Just share your location and we will deliver your package, whatever and wherever you are.
You can schedule it now or we can deliver it later.

Coca Cola Pakistan
Coca Cola Pakistan

A messaging app that lets the internal employees of Coca Cola Pakistan communicate with each other. Mobile app uses organization hierarchy that is synchronized with their domain server. Managers can effectively communicate with their teams on the go.


Chat and meet new people in your city to lend and borrow products, and pay with your credit card. With paladin you can lend all the products that you own, you just have to decide the price per day and the deposit, meet the person that needs that product and you will make money and repay your own product. You don’t have to be scared about a damage or loss of the product, with the virtual deposit if the product is damaged or lost, you will have the amount of the deposit + the price per day of your product.

Rang Rasiya
Rang Rasiya

An e-commerce mobile application for a famous textile brand of Pakistan which enables the audience to conveniently place their orders and customers can always be notified about the new brand offers. Application was developed for both android and ios platforms.


Yofit lets you book from a massive list of gyms and fitness studios, all while sitting at home. Gone are the days when you had to go and find gyms and fitness studios around you, Yofits map location services allow you to easily locate gyms and book with a tap of the button. Yofit members can use any gym and fitness studio on our platform and pay on an hourly basis and get 2 hours to workout wherever, whenever they want. This will help you save money and not put a dent in your wallet.


We kick start the project by gathering detailed project requirements through existing work processes, systems/applications, competitor analysis, user interview and brainstorming sessions.
Project management office then develops a plan that includes the description of necessary human resources, time schedule with milestones, risks identification & mitigation and then the conceptual design begins.
This is where the excitement begins. Our team of experienced software engineers begins the process of designing the prototype, user interface and data models based on the scope of the project agreed upon.
During this phase, our professional team of developers will translate the approved design documents into a working application that your customers will love and keep coming back to.
Before we launch your application, our team will validate the use cases according to the customer requirements. If any problems are discovered, it will be reassigned back to the developer to resolve and close the issue.
Once the customer approves the final version of the application, it's time for our delivery team to launch.Here we quickly test the application again to make sure it works fine in the Live environment.
We help our clients to maintain their system after launch especially if they don't have IT department. We offer cost effective maintenance packages based on how often you anticipate making changes or enhancements to your application.
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