Chat and meet new people in your city to lend and borrow products, and pay with your credit card. With paladin you can lend all the products that you own, you just have to decide the price per day and the deposit, meet the person that need that product and you will make money and repay your own product. You don’t have to be scared about a damage or loss of the product, with the virtual deposit if the product is damage or loss, you will have the amount of the deposit + the price per day of your product.

A Marketplace to Rent & Borrow Products

Fitness / Healthcare
Mobile Application
Mobile, Web, Design, Database, API
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Key Features

  • User friendly design and awesome user experience.
  • Secure, scalable and performance centric.
  • Multiple categories are available to upload products to rent/borrow.
  • Flexible search and filter for products.
  • Promotion / discount coupons.
  • Map view of product lender.
  • Payment integration via credit cards.
  • Admin panel for paladin to manage users and view stats.
  • Flexible admin panel configurations.
  • Lending/Borrowing history available to the users.
  • User profile management.
  • User Notifications
  • Available for both Android and iOS platforms.
  • Secure REST API’s to transfer data into mobile applications.
  • Content Management System is available to website page contents.
Tools & Technologies Used

PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Jquery, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, XML, Android Studio, Swift, XCode


MS SQL server


Amazon Web Services, IIS

Interfaces Available

Web interface with responsive layout, Gym Admin Interface, REST API’s, Android Application, iOS Application

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