Alliance Driveaway

Alliance Driveaway Solutions is a logistic company, and this application serves a service between our talent pool, clients and operation itself. Alliance Driveaway Solutions has over 18 years' experience in the heavy truck and transportation industry. We operate in all 48 states and Canada. No distance is too far. We excel in ensuring that our customers are more than satisfied with their shipments. At Alliance Driveaway Solutions, we don’t treat you just as a customer but rather as an operating partner. Our advanced state of the art dispatch system ensures that we are with you every step of the way. Alliance Driveaway is American owned and operated.

On Demand Sport/Entertainment

Sports / Entertaiment
Mobile Application
Mobile, Web, Design, Database, API
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Key Features

  •  One platform for sports teams, work teams, family teams, and more, enabling seamless communication and coordination.
  • Message as a team or individually, keeping everyone connected and
    Keep track of events, view scoring updates, and plan schedules by knowing who will be attending.
  • Easily organize travel needs by listing hotel rooms needed and booking in advance.
  • View scores in real-time as they are updated at live events.
  • Build uniforms, put bids out for the best price, order equipment, and shop with shipping discounts.
  •  Fundraise for your team while tracking teammate participation.
  • Save important team moments and build MyLife team books to share with teammates, family, and friends.
  • Add important dates to your calendar, set reminders, and receive communication alerts.
  • Build MyLife books for coaches and managers to promote skills, including sports achievements and statistics.
  •  Share memories, achievements, event videos, pictures, and descriptions with customizable tags for easy organization and search.
  • MyLife feature allows the creation of digital books with limited storage, additional digital books, printed books, and additional storage options available.
  • Create a life journal for loved ones, share achievements for college and professional life, and preserve memories for future generations with the option to self-publish digital books or have them professionally printed and delivered.
Tools & Technologies Used

Laravel,vue js ,my sql,android Kotlin, Ios Swift ,Tier Net Server


MY SQL server


Amazon Web Services, IIS

Interfaces Available

Web interface with responsive layout, Admin Interface, REST API’s, Android Application, iOS Application

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